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Our Services

Long Term Care

The care in our facility focuses on differing populations of individuals. Many patients require several days or weeks of medical care and therapy before they can safely return home (or to a lower level of care).

Long Term Care 

​Some Individuals require long-term skilled nursing care (lasting weeks, months or even years), as they are unable to return home due to advanced age or illness. Some may remain with the facilities until they pass away. For the individual needing long-term skilled nursing care, the attending physician and facility staff will assist the individual with the activities of daily living and mobility. It is important to understand that advancing age brings with it the inevitable effects of aging. Long Term Care at Bothell Health Care provides 24-hour skilled nursing services for residents and people with a chronic condition or a prolonged illness. Our staff is devoted to the creation of a comforting environment and focused on helping each person achieve their highest level of independence and vitality.

Hospice Care

We understand this is a challenging time for you and your family. To enhance quality of care and life, Bothell Health Care strongly supports your right to make decisions about your care, including whether to accept or refuse life prolonging measures and treatments.We work together with you and your family to provide support and information for proactive self advocacy and care decisions.We offer Hospice Care through third party providers. Hospice care may include physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort to individuals suffering from a life threatening illness as well as pain and symptom management, to the support of patients and their families through end of life process. 

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