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  • What can I expect the day of Admission?
    You will be greeted at the front door and escorted to your room The Admission director will provide you a welcome gift bag and help you settle into your room The admission nurse will meet with you to discuss your current medical needs, review your current medication list and complete a comprehensive assessment The Admission director will have you sign paperwork and review your insurance information
  • When will I get Therapy Services?
    Therapy will usually begin the morning after admission. However, some residents may be seen the day of admission, depending on the time of admission and patient needs Your therapy may include: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy Therapy services are offered 7 days a week can range from 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours per day depending on individual needs.
  • Can I get a Private room? Will it cost extra?
    The facility has seven (7) private rooms. They are available based on resident’s medical needs and wait list. We do our best to accommodate a person’s request for private room and can usually transfer someone to a private room after admission, if one is not available upon admission. The cost of Private room is covered by Medicare and some commercial insurance. There is no additional out of pocket expense to the resident.
  • Can I have side rails on my bed?
    Resident’s safety is our highest priority. Based on state regulation, not everyone is safe to have side rails as they can be an entrapment risk. Our Therapy staff will assess resident’s needs and ability to safely use side rails prior to installing them on beds.
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